Chemical Peel For Melasma – Good Idea Or WORST DECISION?

Chemical Peels For Melasma

Recommended10% TCA Light Peel Kit Excellent For Melasma (26% Off Here)  

Not RecommendedYavonae Professional 50% TCA Chemical Peel / Remove Tattoos, Melasma, Age Spots, Fine Lines, Acne Scars 1 fl oz 30ml (too strong for someone new to peels)

Chemical peels are an effective way of giving excellent results within a short period of time and can be used for acne, melasma, scars and almost any skin tag that is embarrassing to have. Melasma especially…

What you should look for in a good Chemical Peel For Melasma


Melasma is a skin condition that turns skin light brown, dark brown or grey and is caused by the melanin (skins tanning chemical) overproducing in a certain area of skin.

Melasma normally looks like this (pictured).

When looking for the perfect chemical peel for your skin you should take a note of these important aspects:

  1. Mild – First time using a skin peel or not got much experience with skin peels? Then start on a mild skin peel. You do not want to rush your skin.
  2. Each brand, make or product is designed for a certain skin type and this should not be ignored. Check what skin types the peel may not be effective for.
  3. Caution – You must read the instructions of any peel you decided to use. All peels can have minor temporary side effects.
  4. Never – Never decided to purchase a cheap, unbranded peel that has bad reviews. If your going to use a peel, use a professional one and spend a bit more money for your appearance. It’s very important to you.

How Do Chemical Peels Effect Melasma

Chemical peels contain important ingredients like salicylic acids, and these acids break down dead skin cells, bacteria, inflammation and swelling to help new skin grow and “shed new skin”. This is why Chemical Peels are so common and show effective results within weeks of using.

Melasma chemical peels will simply help remove, reduce and heal your existing skin and promote new skin.

There are many types of chemical peels and each are stronger or less and this helps for all skin tags, including acne, scars and chloasma.

See the video below on what you should expect when using a chemical peel.

What We Recommend More Than Chemical Peels

Here at Melasma Relief we believe that a natural approach to melasma in necessary before the use of professional chemical peels are considered. This is because natural treatments have a much lower chance of possible side effects and good natural results! 

See this effortless melasma treatment that everyone is talking about … First

Melasma is an upsetting skin condition to have and successful treatment is available, you just need to know what your looking for. A women from the United Kingdom was so depressed about Melasma on her face that she rubbed bleach into her skin. See the full story here.

Last Words Of Advice (Peels)

Chemical peels can be dangerous if not used properly and should always be used with caution. You most probably will get some side effects like burning, stinging after the first use and this is because its doing it job and shedding old skin.

Never purchase a cheap chemical peel that is not created by a professional brand. See the chemical peels we have recommended for a good example at the top of the page. Also check the reviews to make sure…

So the question : Good Idea or Worst Decision?

Good Bad
Results Within Weeks Possible temporary Side Effects
Professional Peel Can Dramatically Reduce Melasma Professional Peels Cost Roughly $50-150
Helps Not Just Melasma, But All Skin Conditions May take a week to get results

Overall chemical peels are a good idea and should be used with caution. They can be used in the luxury of your own home and can provide excellent results.

Whats Your Melasma Story? Leave a comment.

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5 thoughts on “Chemical Peel For Melasma – Good Idea Or WORST DECISION?

  1. I had never met people who had Melasma.

    Great site though and one of the site I’ll probably go if someone I know have Melasma in the future.(or maybe myself one day).

  2. This is a great post. When I 14 years I got some mango milk on my face which is painful and it left some marks on my face till today. No one has to worry about mango milk, it only happens when you are harvesting unripe mangos. We had a tree in our garden. I will try first the natural way then do a professional skin peel. Thanks for the share

    • Hey Margaret

      I am sorry to hear about you being attacked by the mango juice :D

      A chemical peel will greatly reduce the marks left and make them become less visible whilst helping new skin to grow. But the natural way is very effective too and worth trying before the use of peels.

      I wish you the best of luck and a Happy Christmas :)

      Melasma Relief

  3. I totally recommend the use of a 10% tca peel to get started with, then later when your skin becomes more prepared upgrade to a 20%. Then maby higher if melasma hasn’t healed and reduced.

    I started with the recommended 10% tca peel recommended and then used one 20% peel and my melasma has become unnoticeable. I really am so pleased but I did receive some minor side effects on my second peel (dry skin and a burning feel for about 30 minutes after, that was it though)

    My skin has never been better thanks to chemical peels and 85% my melasma(cheeks and uperlips) has vanished. But if you’re ready to try, start with the 10%. You can only cause problems with higher percentages.

    Anyway Good luck to you all! Chloe

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