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About Us – Melasma Relief

Hi my name is Ryan

As a child I have always been a “skin fanatic” and have had acne and melasma haunt my life. I have tried almost every treatment for melasma under the sun until I found the right one, and gosh that was a good week!

My skin has always been important to me and lets face it, it’s vital for everything and is what we see everyday. Because of this, melasma and acne have upset me most of my teenage years and I decided enough is enough.

I created Melasma Relief with you, yes you in mind. I personally have plenty of experience with melasma and understand how hard it is to overcome. This is my way of helping the world!

I also ask that if anything on this website captures your interest, get involved and meet fellow melasma sufferers and see how they can help you too. I love to talk about melasma and I thoroughly enjoy hearing melasma success stories so please leave a comment on the home page or add/follow us on Twitter, Google+1 or Pinterest.

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck and thanks for dropping by! :)

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